Cat Würmer in den Lungen Cat Würmer in den Lungen

Cat Würmer in den Lungen

Why I Am Doing This! I am not sure. Just seems to be the thing to do. I was diagnosed with class IV Aggressive Prostate cancer that spread to the bones. This is my story of what I did cat Würmer in den Lungen how I handled or did not handle this devastating blow to the person I thought I was.

Http:// will see more than just a protocol of how I used baking soda. Read this and you might get some ideas on how to kill cancer. More importantly, you might live! Do you want to live?

This is just the beginning of this dance. When it is over it is not over. After receiving many request from others asking for a book by me, it, the book is ready. I have also clarified and updated the original protocol, included the details of three others who have had success with their own versions of the original protocol, and I answer many more questions in a much more concise and organized manner.

You will see cat Würmer in den Lungen success stories from others. Here is a free sample that my son Jai and I have worked up for all those interested in taking a closer look: I am care taking a place and there is a vacant cabin just for you. Well, I went to Hawaii and had one adventure after another. Including camping, fire dancing, getting in between a battle between growers and rippers, announcing a couple man and wife at a gathering, learning Hawaiian fruits and hunting them, living in cabins, house sitting, trip to India, two visits from my wife, getting to know my son, and much much more.

One adventure I was not prepared for was a devastating visit to a doctor after my return from a trip to India. It put me to the test. And I needed it to carry Würmer in Menschen leben alle through what was waiting for me.

I am crying now just thinking about what happened. A PSA test which registered The doctors made appointments for a biopsy. Which, if you never had one make sure they numb your prostate. Because I swear after the 8 th from that jaw-headed needle springing into my prostate to grab a bit of flesh it was not my prostate that was numbed.

They had wanted The biopsy report indicated that I did indeed have prostate cancer. This called for the next step — a bone scan. Würmer ist nicht wert scan was like a trip into space.

The report from this scan as well as a Pelvic Cat Scan is where the doctors decided I was afflicted with aggressive prostate cancer. In their technical terms they described it on the report dated 17Mar So…they patted me on the back and told me I had aggressive prostate cancer that has spread to the bone.

I felt bad for the young doctor who was from North Carolina. He felt bad cat Würmer in den Lungen me and did not know how to express it. This was a whole new gig. On my walk away from the doctors, I felt my eyes welling up. On my return flight to Hilo from Honolulu I wish I had sun glasses. My primary care physician bless her heart decided to get a second opinion even though a team of doctors already diagnosed me.

She sent me to an Oncologist. This is what cat Würmer in den Lungen said on the report:. These are largely mentioned in the history of present illness. The pathology confirms cat Würmer in den Lungen presence of prostate carcinoma of high grade. The T stage would appear to be read more III but without obvious invasion into the seminal vesicles on CT scan.

The radionuclide bone scan and plain films confirm the presence of skeletal metastasis in the sacrum and the left illium. In addition, on my review of the CT scan of the pelvis, a number of other small sclerotic lesions are noted within the pelvis. Pre-treatment PSA was 22 but has decreased to 5. TNM cat Würmer in den Lungen, T NXM1. He went on to discuss with me possible and improbable treatments. What he basically said is that there are none.

In fact, he mentioned that he even found a few more spots that the first team of doctors missed. You see…I had no idea what bone cancer was suppose to mean to me.

In any event, I left this doctor feeling better. But because he, at least, explained a few things to me that the other doctor did not. Plus I was becoming used to the fact that I was cat Würmer in den Lungen dead man walking. I did get a link cat Würmer in den Lungen warnings about pain.

Never the less, this story continues. Even though I was feeling cat Würmer in den Lungen with this new information, I was still devastated. I was just too numb! Now I am going to fast forward here a little bit.

Cat Würmer in den Lungen I am jumping ahead to Oregon. Somehow through some miracle, my son, who lives in Las Vegas, mentioned to me something about pH and how pH affects the body. It came to me after I left Hawaii. Even though it seemed incidental at the cat Würmer in den Lungen, having my tooth filled in India planted a seed cat Würmer in den Lungen me that, unbeknownst to me, would carry in it a desire to live.

I let the pH info I got from my son incubate for a few days before I did any pH research. The research lead to Cesium Therapy. Cesium is a mineral, that according to internet studies, likes to eat up cancer. It attacks the tumor from the inside out. And of course, it is highly alkaline. I was anxious to become friends with cesium. I had nothing to lose. Cat Würmer in den Lungen do not and did not care what the naysayers say.

I wanted to do something. So Cesium it was! But wait…the cesium got lost in the mail. Oh schlafen Wurm lange, now what do I do? Wait for a reshipment?

I am on a roll; need to do something quickly. The next allopathic test is around the corner. That is when I decided to try baking soda. Now both of these pH raising substances did not indicate they would be successful in killing bone cancer. The research indicated neither would help get rid of bone cancer.

So, I decided to add a twist. I added Black Strap Molasses as the carrier. I drank menschlichen Würmer im baking soda solution I started 2 June and quit 12 June I quit because I was scheduled for another bone scan on 13 June Würmer und Kontrolle They wanted to keep an eye on me; be there for me; and give me love.

Plus, the VA Hospital in Portland was close by. My son in Cat Würmer in den Lungen, who I was having the absolute most fun with was crushed that I would leave. I will do what it takes to take care of you. I will get another job. Believe me that took me over the edge. Again, this cry baby, is crying while I write this. But I thought it best to go to Oregon. Especially when my brother promised me that he would play Backgammon with me I love that game. I felt I was soon to be a burden and did not want my son to be part of that.

It is more complicated than that, but I did what I thought best. So back to the follow-up bone scan I am in Oregon now …. I went through another space ride through a fat donut once more. This time, however, I was hoping for hope. Anyway, I got bone scanned and waited for the report. The report arrived in the mail a few days later. I was nervous and did not want to open it. As a matter of fact I am crying check this out now just thinking about it.

I finally opened it to these words:. Two days later I got another report in the mail about my blood tests: PSA is now 0. That is zero point one! Where is the Cesium? It finally showed up around 11 June Will I take it? Yes, in a heartbeat. And I decided to a few weeks later, but that is just a part of this continuing story. Well…I describe any thing good or miraculous as being hit by a rainbow.

I did not act Würmer opisthorchiasis away on the pH factor, but within a few days I was busy on my Asus laptop googling away. My sibling family bribing me out of Hawaii to come to Oregon was another rainbow hit.

By the way, my brother promising to play backgammon with me — that was a ruse. He just said that because I was not initially excited about leaving Hawaii. In fact, I was not excited about anything. He wanted me to be close by, so he lied to me about playing backgammon. His goal thank you brother was to get me to his house. Probably more like a pot of gold hitting me.

She also corresponded or called me almost daily. How nice is that! In any case, those were just a few of the getting-smacked-around-by-a-rainbow things. But the Baking Soda was a big one.

Arm and Hammer to the rescue! I later found out that Arm and Hammer is shunned by some baking soda users because cat Würmer in den Lungen the idea that it has aluminum in it. Well, at the time, I could have cared less. Hey man, my body Schafe Würmer Behandlung hanging on to some pretty corrupt bones.

What would you do? As I later found out from research and a visit to a natural food store, aluminum is not in baking soda, It is in baking powder. I am sure there will be discussion on that. Speaking of baking soda I am sure cat Würmer in den Lungen people are cat Würmer in den Lungen to know what proportions of baking soda I used with the molasses.

As a matter of fact I am sure of it, because invariably that questions pops up when I speak about baking soda and my dance with cancer. Thank all the gods that I took notes. Larry of Stocko fame and a true Und Würmer verstopfte Nase cat Würmer in den Lungen one of the Yahoo Cesium groups drilled into me the necessity of good notes.

He told me that it is for my good and for the good of others. Good for me especially if I live. Larry, by the way, was instrumental in providing me with information. You see he and his wife have had some some of their own cat Würmer in den Lungen with cancer. It is quite a story. Cat Würmer in den Lungen met Cat Würmer in den Lungen while researching cesium.

He was very helpful. I was lucky to have his experience. He was definitely rainbow material and cesium at the time was my focus. Larry sent me website after website loaded with natural cures. I cannot pretend that I read them all, but I did cruise through a few of them while waiting for my cesium to arrive. Well, like I mentioned earlier, the cesium got lost in the mail. Most people would think that sucked, but not me. It was another rainbow miracle because it opened the door for baking soda to get itself busy alkalizing my body.

Here is the updated version of my story for those interested cat Würmer in den Lungen taking a closer look: No Related Posts Subscribe to RSS feed Comments are closed.

Cat Würmer in den Lungen Dance With Cancer. Do You Want to Live?!!! Click the below button for Hard Copy version options. Shall Continue reading bring a tent or buy one there? This is what he said on the report: Is that what I think it says? There is no Stage V He went on to discuss with me possible and improbable treatments.

I finally opened it to these words: Do I have a conclusion? I just told you some of my story……Vernon PS: Subscribe to RSS feed. PayPal Keep this website going. Recommended Products Go here cat Würmer in den Lungen my reviews and words about certain products PH Test Tape Dispenser Hydrion Papers Strips made for Saliva or Urine Testing - Range is in.

Recent Posts Why Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks NFL football team is one of my heroes: Body, Mind, Spirit — Visualization and Imagination Link to Questions and Answers Webinar audio recording. Natural Gentle Cancer Protocol Dropped into my Lap: Lemon, Sea Salt, Oxygen, No Baking Soda or pH Paper. Categories Alkaline Alkaline Diet Allopathic baking soda Bicarbonate body bone cancer Breathing BreathSlim Budwig Diet cancer Chemo Diet Dowsing Bobbers and Biotensors Emails from Readers exercise Gout Help Interviews cat Würmer in den Lungen metastatic prostate cancer molasses Natural Treatment News oxygenation pH protocol PTR PTR Breathing Recipe Spirit Mind Thought Supplement Cat Würmer in den Lungen Atomidine Uncategorized Urinary Tract Infection UTI.

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