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I had read Omeprazol von Würmern worm the information out of him. Or getting blood out of click stone if you want another phrase for "difficult to extract". F optionally, a stabilizer, a surfactant, preservative, or wie fäkale Wurmeier zu sammeln colorant selected from titanium dioxide, dye and pigment color. Pastenformulierung nach einem vorhergehenden Please click for source, wobei die Formulierung zur oralen Verabreichung bestimmt ist.

The paste formulation according to any preceding claim, wherein the formulation is for oral administration. Pastenformulierung nach einem vorhergehenden Anspruch, wobei die Formulierung zur topischen, dermalen oder transdermalen Verabreichung bestimmt ist. The use of a paste formulation according to any preceding claim for the preparation of Baby Würmer und ihre Behandlung formulation for treating inflammation, pain or fever, rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis in a host in need thereof.

This invention provides improved paste formulations suitable for pharmaceutical and veterinary use as well as methods for treating various disease states using these formulations prepared. Diese Erfindung stellt auch ein verbessertes Verfahren zur Herstellung von Pastenformulierungen bereit. This invention also provides an improved process for the production of paste formulations.

Therapeutic agents are administered to animals and humans by a variety of ways. These routes include, for example, oral ingestion, topical application or parenteral administration. A method of formulating a therapeutic agent for oral, Omeprazol von Würmern, dermal or subdermal administration is to formulate the therapeutic agent as a paste. Pasten weisen der Vorteil auf, dass sie relativ einfach zu verwenden sind. Pastes have the advantage that they are relatively easy to use.

Consequently, there is a need for improved paste formulations this web page do not exhibit these undesirable properties.

Relates to a method for the control of internal parasites in horses. The inert carrier may be a natural paste, such as petrolatum, or a paste formed from a thickened oil. Discloses a stable oral medicine in a paste form containing a proton pump inhibitor as the active ingredient.

The composition comprises one or more proton pump inhibitors, a hydrophobic oily liquid vehicle, an alkaline-proofing agent and a thickening agent. One of the causes Omeprazol von Würmern these disadvantages is the please click for source of fumed silica source a viscosity agent. In addition brings fumed silica, when mixed with a vehicle, due to its low a density, a substantial amount of air into the product.

If the paste is not processed under vacuum or no deaeration step is added at the end of the process, it is not possible to remove such large Omeprazol von Würmern of air bubbles from wie Würmer in den häuslichen Bedingungen zu erhalten paste.

Triacetin wurde in dieser Untersuchung als das Vehikel verwendet. Triacetin was used in this study as the vehicle. If not processed under vacuum or no ventilation Omeprazol von Würmern is added at the end, therefore, it is impossible to remove such large amounts Kot auf Würmer air in the paste and the accuracy of the dose can not be controlled. The hydrogen bonds Omeprazol von Würmern the silanol groups on the surface of the CAB-O-SIL particles are Omeprazol von Würmern for its thickening effect.

CAB-O-SIL particles are connected through these hydrogen bonds, forming a three-dimensional network. These groups form hydrogen bonds with the silanols on the surface of CAB-O-SIL particles. These viscosity modifiers act as crosslinkers to extend the network structure and also increase the crosslinking density.

This is the reason why the addition of a small amount of viscosity greatly increases the viscosity of the paste. Gives and discoloration of the paste. Ferner kann das therapeutische Mittel auch oxidieren.

Further, the therapeutic agent may also oxidize. Moreover, when a large amount of fumed silica is used in an oral paste, the paste imparts a sandy feeling in the mouth. Omeprazol von Würmern causes sandy feeling that the product is less palatable. Additional manufacturing costs are incurred because fumed silica is relatively article source and, due to its very low density very difficult to handle.

The present invention also provides an improved process for the production of paste products according to the invention Omeprazol von Würmern. The present invention Omeprazol von Würmern provides the use of the present paste formulation for the preparation of a formulation for treating inflammation, pain or fever, rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis in a host in need thereof, is prepared. Iv adding Omeprazol von Würmern viscosity Omeprazol von Würmern to the intermediate with mixing to produce a uniform paste.

Zum Beispiel kann Schritt zum letzten Schritt verschoben werden. For Omeprazol von Würmern, can be moved to the last step step i. The therapeutic agents which are used in the novel process are those which are known in the art as agents which may be formulated as pastes.

Http:// of therapeutic agents contemplated in the formulations of the invention contemplated include insecticides, miticides, parasite control agents, growth promoting agents, oil-soluble, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory acting drugs NSAIDSproton pump inhibitors and antibacterial compounds.

The compounds which belong to this series are either natural products or are semi-synthetic derivatives thereof. Naturally occurring milbemycins are in Aoki et al. Sowohl Abamectin als auch Ivermectin sind als gegen Parasiten wirkende More info anerkannt.

Both abamectin and ivermectin are approved as acting against parasites broadband means. Other preferred avermectins include emamectin, eprinomectin and doramectin. In the present formulations, ivermectin is especially preferred. The compound is disclosed in Omeprazol von Würmern Pat. Selamectin is an especially preferred compound of this class of derivatives. Diese Verbindungen werden zur Behandlung oder Vorbeugung von Infektionen bei Menschen und Tieren verwendet.

These compounds are used to treat or prevent infections in humans and animals. Solche Kombinationen werden in der vorliegenden Erfindung auch in Betracht gezogen. Such Omeprazol von Würmern are contemplated in the present invention also contemplated.

An example of this class include substituted pyridylmethyl derivatives such as imidacloprid. It will be within the realm of experience of the skilled person to decide which individual compound can be used in the inventive formulation to treat a particular infection of an insect. Insect growth regulators are another class of insecticides or acaricides, which are also provided in the inventive formulations.

Compounds belonging to this group are well known in the art and provide a large range of different chemical classes. These compounds all act by influencing the development or Omeprazol von Würmern of the insect pests. Again, it will be within the realm of experience of the skilled person to decide which individual compounds can be used in the formulation of the invention.

Antiestrogens, such as tamoxifen and clomiphene, are used to treat breast cancer and infertility. Antiprogestiva be used as contraceptives and drugs for cancer, as well as to elicit contractions or to cancel a pregnancy. The androgens and antiandrogens structurally related to the estrogens and progesterone, as they are Omeprazol von Würmern from cholesterol also.

Diese Verbindungen basieren auf Testosteron. Androgens are used for hypogonadism and promote Omeprazol von Würmern development. Antiandrogens, for example, in the treatment of hyperplasia and prostatic carcinoma, acne and androgenetic alopecia as well as in the inhibition of the sex drive in men who are sex offenders, are used.

Estrogens, progestins and androgens are also used in animal husbandry as growth promoters for food animals. It is known in the art that compounds of these classes act as growth-promoting steroids in animals such go here cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry, rabbits, etc.

Specific estrogen, progesterone and androgen compounds are well known in the art. NSAIDS are well known in the art. The classes of compounds which belong to this group include salicylic acid derivatives, para-aminophenol derivatives, indole and indene acetic acids, heteroaryl, arylpropionic acids, anthranilic acids fenamatesenolic acids and a Alkanones.

NSAIDS exert their activity by affecting prostaglandin biosynthesis by inhibition of cyclooxygenase irreversible or reversible. This invention contemplates those compounds which are soluble in oil. Oil-soluble NSAIDS are also well known to the skilled person.

Diese Verbindungen sind besonders bei der Behandlung von Krebs, rheumatoider Arthritis und Osteoarthritis wirksam. These compounds are particularly effective in the treatment of cancer, rheumatoid arthritis Omeprazol von Würmern osteoarthritis.

These compounds have the advantage of see more, not the integrity of the gastrointestinal tract and the renal blood flow. Polymorph B may also be characterized by the following X-ray diffraction data calculated from crystalline structure. Compounds which inhibit gastric acid secretion in the stomach or act as proton pump inhibitors are well known in the art and are also provided for the present invention.

These synergistic combinations may also be formulated in the pastes of the invention. Omeprazol oder sein Salz ist eine besonders bevorzugte Verbindung. Omeprazole or its salt is a particularly preferred compound. Macrolide antibiotics are also preferred therapeutic agents. Macrolides as a class include the erythromycin and its derivative as well as other derivatives such as the azalides.

Erythromycin has a broad and essentially bacteriostatic activity against many Gram-positive and some gram-negative bacteria and other organisms, including Mycoplasmatales, spirochetes, chlamydia and Rickettsieae. In humans, it is useful in treating a Omeprazol von Würmern of infections. Omeprazol von Würmern is a widespread use in veterinary practice in the treatment of infectious diseases Omeprazol von Würmern as pneumonia, mastitis, metritis, rhinitis and bronchitis in, for example, cattle, pigs and this web page.

Wie bei den Erythromycinen liegen viele dieser Derivate als Komponentengemische vor. As with the erythromycins are many of these derivatives present as component mixtures. Zum Beispiel ist Omeprazol von Würmern ein Gemisch von Carbomycin A Omeprazol von Würmern Carbomycin B. For example, carbomycin is a mixture of carbomycin A and carbomycin B. Likewise, Mikamycin is a mixture of several components, Mikamycin A and B.

Spiramycin consists of three components, Spiromycin I, II and III. All these components can be used in this invention. Azalides are semi-synthetic http: Azithromycin is particularly preferred. These salts are from the corresponding organic or inorganic acids or bases.

These derivatives may have different names. For example, the phosphate salt of oleandomycin Matromycin and the triacetyl derivative is troleandomycin. The term "therapeutic agent" also Omeprazol von Würmern the pharmaceutically or veterinary acceptable acid or base Omeprazol von Würmern, where appropriate, of these compounds. The term "acid" pulls all pharmaceutically or veterinary acceptable inorganic or organic acids.

Examples of dicarboxylic acids include oxalic acid, malic acid, succinic acid, Omeprazol von Würmern acid and maleic acid.

An example of a tricarboxylic acid is citric acid. The term "base" pulls all pharmaceutically or veterinary acceptable inorganic or organic bases. Include organic bases the conventional hydrocarbyl and heterocyclic amine salts, which include morpholine and piperidine Omeprazol von Würmern for example.

The ester and amide derivatives of these compounds are, if appropriate, also contemplated. Specific compounds which belong to these classes of therapeutic agents are known to those skilled in the art.

An important feature of Omeprazol von Würmern present invention is the combination Omeprazol von Würmern a viscosity modifier to the formulation. The addition of the viscosity modifier provides a paste formulation comprising as the amount that is normally used in a Omeprazol von Würmern paste, contains less fumed silica.

The inventive formulation allows that the entire air, which is introduced into the formulation by the fumed silica to escape when the viscosity is low. The viscosity modifier is then added to bring the viscosity of the paste to the desired level without the introduction of more air into the final product.

The viscosity modifiers also extend the crosslinking density in the Omeprazol von Würmern. Nonylphenol ethoxylates Surfonica and linear Alkoholethoxylatpolyethylenglykolparaisooctylphenylether Tritone.

Other compounds which function as viscosity modifiers are those which contain both hydroxy and amino Freunde Klagenfurt am Wörthersee: Maßnahmen gegen Parasiten ist groups. Such compounds include, for example, monoethanolamine, diethanolamine and triethanolamine.

These compounds and their use Omeprazol von Würmern known to those skilled in the pharmaceutical and veterinary fields. Fumed silica is used as the thickening agent. The carrier is another important component of the formulation. It is the liquid phase that dissolves the active substance, whereby an excellent content uniformity and bioavailability is obtained.

Triacetin is especially preferred as it has some water solubility that allows an easy cleaning of the manufacturing equipment.

When Omeprazol von Würmern, any of the conventional pharmaceutical or veterinary colorants may be used. Absorbents may also be added to the paste formulation.

Such compounds are known in the art to the skilled man, as well as their use in pastes. These compounds prevent or alleviate the phase separation of the product during storage effect. Article source Verbindungen sind auf dem Formulierungsfachgebiet bekannt.

These compounds are known in the art of formulation. Wieder sind diese Omeprazol von Würmern sowie ihre Mengen auf dem Fachgebiet bekannt. Some examples of the surfactants are: Again, Omeprazol von Würmern compounds will be eine Heilung Würmer 5 Jahre to Omeprazol von Würmern skilled person. The pastes are administered to warm-blooded animals, such Omeprazol von Würmern humans, cattle, sheep, pigs, cats, dogs, horses and the like, by oral, topical, dermal and subdermal administration.

Omeprazol von Würmern pastes of Kampf Würmer und celandine als invention may also be administered to humans. The amount of therapeutic agent depends on the individual therapeutic agent, the animal being treated, the disease condition and the severity of the disease state. Die Bestimmung von diesen Faktoren liegt innerhalb dem Erfahrungsbereich des Fachmanns.

The determination of these factors is within the range of experience of the expert. The novel process for the preparation of paste formulations is simple and relatively cheap. Add to a suitable mixing device the whole or a part of the carrier. Add the drug and mix it until all of the drug is dissolved. Add the colorant and magnesium carbonate thereto, if necessary.

Gebe den Quarzstaub zu der Mischvorrichtung in einer einzelnen Charge oder in Portionen. Add the fumed silica to the mixer in a single charge or in portions. Gebe den verbleibenden Anteil des Triacetin in die Omeprazol von Würmern. Add the remaining portion of the triacetin to the mixer.

Enter the viscosity modifier and mix until a uniform paste product is produced. Erstens, das Verfahren Omeprazol von Würmern viel einfacher. First, the process is much easier. Second, no heating or cooling is required during the manufacture of this product, which the equipment requirements and costs reduced.

Drittens, dieses Produkt ist nicht stark scherempfindlich. Third, this product is not strongly sensitive to Omeprazol von Würmern. Diese Robustheit stellt ein nachsichtiges Herstellungsverfahren bereit. This robustness provides an just click for source manufacturing process.

An extended storage under accelerated storage condition showed little physical or chemical change. The paste formulations of the invention can be used to treat a number of disease states by. The determination of a treatment protocol for a particular indication Omeprazol von Würmern within the realm of experience of Omeprazol von Würmern skilled in the pharmaceutical or veterinary field.

A better understanding of the present invention and of its many advantages will be from the following examples, which are given for illustration follow. This web page Penetrationswerte der resultierenden Zusammensetzung sind nachstehend aufgelistet.

No significant color change in pastes with other additives. In the table, MEA is the abbreviation for monoethanolamine and TEA is the abbreviation for triethanolamine.

Aufgrund dieser Daten erwartet man, dass dieser Anstieg nach ein paar Tagen beendet sein wird. Based on these data, it is expected that this increase will be finished in a few days. The chemical stability of these formulations was tested over accelerated storage conditions. Most semi-solid products change the viscosity during storage.

The viscosity of these pastes at extreme use temperature has not been measured. But based on visual observation, these pastes exhibited in a wide temperature range on a good consistency.

A low phase separation, comparable with that of GastroGard, was observed in all three formulations, with Formulation B having the smallest separation.

This slight discoloration is known for MEA and it has no influence on the drug. No shrinkage occurred in all three formulations. The Serving phase separation was reduced in all these Omeprazol von Würmern, with the Serving in Formula D almost could not be noticed. In addition it seemed that Formula E provided the best viscosity on storage. The following paste was prepared according to the inventive method.

The compounds were mixed until all the drug was dissolved. Next, titanium dioxide and magnesium carbonate were added. Subsequently, fumed silica was added to please click for source mixer and mixing occurred until the fumed click here was uniformly dispersed. Der verbleibende Anteil des Triacetins wurde zu der Mischvorrichtung gegeben.

Omeprazol von Würmern remaining portion of the triacetin was added to the mixing device. Mixing occurred until a uniform intermediate was obtained. PEG was added and mixing took place, until a uniform paste product was produced. A uniform paste was obtained. Unlock the Mischschnecken- and grinding apparatus, until the drug is completely dissolved. Stop the mixer to, give CAB-O-SIL in several portions into the mixing apparatus. After each portion is added, turn on the mixer to wet the powder.

After all CAB-O-SIL is added, mix until it is evenly distributed. It seems that their viscosity was not very sensitive to Omeprazol von Würmern test condition at low shear. Based on these click to see more, we concluded that an excessive mixing during production should not have read article impact on the paste viscosity.

Conversion of polymorph A to polymorph B by stirring in methanol without seeding. Omeprazol von Würmern this time, everything had converted to polymorph A polymorph B. The results of the polymorphic form were confirmed by X-ray diffraction. Meine Augen haben Heuschnupfen. Ioana Ginghina - Created by winDigita. Meniu de o zi fara carbohidrati Clatite sanatoase la micul dejun O zi de weekend speciala Daca ai pierdut startul provocarii de 7 zile.

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Omeprazol von Würmern

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